The Basics.

I just did a major style and closet revamp . Here’s the painful truth I uncovered:
1. I must be allergic to basics as I do not seem to own any.

2. I have been buying clothes for a 6 ft. supermodel- when in reality, I am neither.

3. I love outlandish prints and colors as much as Anna dello Russo!

4. My closet is full of crap…..and admitting that is liberating.Taking all these ill-fitting clothes that I kept because they are designer, or expensive or pretty ( on someone else) and dumping it in a bin, was even more liberating!

So, I’ve decided that this year, all my fashion purchases ( except for that 1 Marni from H&M top) are going to be basics that fit, that will stand the test of time and that I can build on.

It’s going to be a challenge, for sure.

Do you have a wardrobe staple that has served you well?




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Hope you are having a lazy Sunday in your Havaianas!


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