A good way to start the week….

I came across this last Saturday and it really struck a chord. Too often, I start my day by thinking about STUFF to consume- stuff to purchase, stuff on my grocery list, stuff I drool over, stuff to check out, stuff I want from Celine. It may be fun, but it doesn’t seem very… er… what’s the word I’m looking for….. grounded? natural? healthy? right? nourishing to the soul?

So, I awoke on Sunday, jumped into my Havaianas and thought: What can I produce today ? The easiest solution was to head to the kitchen. First, I made blueberry muffins for breakfast. Then, while I had the flour out, I hand made some fresh pasta. For lunch, J cut up some fresh basil from our balcony garden that I put into the delicious sauce I had simmering on the stove. I took out the camera and tried to learn how to “produce” some pretty pictures ala Canelle et Vanille to show you ( but I’m just not that great a photographer yet:-) . After Lunch, fully carbo-loaded and inspired, I rearranged furniture, organized our shoe closet and at around 4 p.m. , fired up the oven again to try out a simple lemon cake for J and Mini- sassy to snack on.

At the end of the day, I surveyed the results of my ” Producer Project” : Well, we had some pretty delicious meals-without setting foot in a restaurant, our place looks cute- without having bought a single piece of furniture, and it looks like we have so many new pairs of shoes- now that all our old ones are organized and within easy reach.

The truth is that in the course of our everyday lives, we already do these things ( our chores, the family meals, tending to the pets and plants, entertaining our kids and family, our work), but we probably never stop and think to ourselves with wonder: ” Yay me! I did that! I made that! I created that!”

And you know what? You should! Cause it feels darned good!
And most importantly, the happiness that you get from making something or sharing something you created lasts way longer than that high you get from buying something:-)


(image:via Hellojenuine)

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8 Responses “A good way to start the week….”

  1. pat pat pat says:

    Good on ya S!!!

  2. Sassy says:

    Remember when WE made pasta from scratch?!hahaha. I’m trying out a carbonara recipe today ( so I can make for E), but I’m hesitant to use raw eggs!


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    thank you!…

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